Willow City Loop



This ride starts at the courthouse in Fredericksburg. It goest out past Enchanted Rock, then passes through the Willow City Loop before returning.




The courthouse parking lot in Fredericksburg.


64 miles


There a many stores in Fredericksburg.

There is a store/bar in Willow City on the Willow City Loop.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
Main Street (US 87) Parking lot to Texas 16 0.15 miles Proceed one block down main street, then turn left onto Texas 16. 4 NO Heavy
Texas 16 US 87 to Lower Crabapple Road 1 mile Lower Crabapple Road dead-ends into Texasa 16 on the left. Turn left onto Lower Crabapple Road. 4 NO Moderate
Lower Crabapple Road Texas 16 to Ranch 965 15 miles Just after a fork, Lower Crabapple Road dead-ends into Ranch 965. Turn right onto Ranch 965. The only tricky part of this road is a Y intersection right after crossing a creek. Bear left at the Y. 1 NO Light
Ranch 965 Lower Crabapple Road to Texas 16 12.5 miles Ranch 965 dead-ends into Texas 16. Turn right onto Texas 16. You will pass Enchanted Rock on your left. 2 NO Light to moderate
Texas 16 Ranch 965 to Willow City Loop 4 miles Willow City Loop dead-ends into Texas 16 on the left. Watch for the signs. Turn left onto Willow City Loop. 2 YES Moderate
Willow City Loop Texas 16 to Ranch 1323 12.5 miles Willow City Loop ends at the stop sign near the store. Go straight through the stop sign onto Ranch 1323. 1 NO Light
Ranch 1323 Willow City Loop to Herber Schaefer Rd. 1.25 miles Herber Schaefer Rd. dead-ends into Ranch 1323 on the right. Turn right onto Herber Schaefer Rd. 2 NO Light
Herber Schaefer Rd. Ranch 1323 to Ranch 1831 2.7 miles Herber Schaefer Rd. dead-ends into Ranch 1831. Turn right onto Ranch 1831. 1 NO Light to none
Ranch 1831 Herber Schaefer Rd. to Ranch 2721 6.9 miles Ranch 2721 intersets Ranch 1831 at a Y intersection. Bear right, staying on Ranch 1831. 2 NO Light
Ranch 1831 Ranch 2721 to US 290 6.7 miles Ranch 1831 dead-ends into US 290, which is also the main street in Fredericksburg. Go right onto US 290. 2 NO Light
US 290 / US 87 Ranch 1831 to the parking lot 0.9 miles The courthouse is on the left as you pass through town. You are done! 4 NO Heavy



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