Twin Sisters Loop



This ride starts in Twin Sisters on US 281. It goes through the Holt Ranch, Kendalia and Blanco before returning to Twin Sisters.









The store in Kendalia is usually open. If it isn't, there is a water hose out front.

There are many stores and restaurants to choose from in Blanco.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
US 281 Parking lot to county road 101 0.07 miles This is almost directly across US 281 from the parking lot. 2 YES Heavy
County Road 101 US 281 to T in road 5 miles This road winds its way through the Holt Ranch before it dead-ends into Old Blanco Rd. Go left onto Old Blanco Rd. 1 NO Light to none
Old Blanco Rd. Holt Ranch to Crabapple Rd. 4.6 miles Old Blanco Rd. crosses Crabapple Rd. Go straight across Crabapple Rd. 1 NO Light
Old Blanco Rd. Crabapple Rd. to Ranch 473 1.9 miles Old Blanco Rd. dead-ends into Ranch 473. Go left on Ranch 473. 1 NO Light to none
Ranch 473 Old Blanco Rd. to Kendalia 2 miles Once you are in Kendalia, Crabapple Rd. will intersect on the left. Go left on Crabapple Rd. 2 NO Light to moderate
Crabapple Rd. Kendalia to FM 1888 10 miles Crabapple Rd. dead-ends into FM 1888. It makes a Y just before it hits FM 1888. Go right at the Y and right onto FM 1888. 1 NO Light to none
FM 1888 Crabapple Rd. to FM 1623 0.5 miles FM 1888 dead-ends into FM 1623. Go right on FM 1623. 2 NO Moderate
FM 1623 FM 1888 to Blanco 5 miles FM 1623 runs into US 281 in Blanco. Go right onto US 281. 2 NO Moderate to heavy
US 281 FM 1623 to Blanco River 0.2 miles Split off right onto Fulcher Rd. that runs by the park. This is right after the Exxon station. 2 YES Heavy
Fulcher Rd. US 281 to county road 102 0.5 miles County road 102 dead-ends into Fulcher Rd. on the left. It splits off to the left and crosses a bridge. Go left onto county road 102. 1 NO Light to none
County road 102 Fulcher Rd. to county road 101 6 miles County road 101 (the Holt Ranch Rd.) dead-ends from the left. This is the way you came out. Go left onto county road 101. 1 NO Light
County road 101 County road 102 to US 281 5 miles This road takes you back across the Holt Ranch to US 281. When you dead-end into US 281, the parking lot is across US 281 to your right. 1 NO Light to none
US 281 County road 101 to the parking lot 0.05 miles You're done! 2 YES Heavy



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