Tuesday Night Ride - Long Version



This is the classic Tuesday night ride in San Antonio during the summer (daylight savings time). This ride closely resembles a race, with all the attendant dangers, so be prepared! This description is for the long version of the ride, where you park at the Park & Ride under Loop 1604 and I-10, and ride to Helotes for a warmup and back for a cool down. The fast part of the ride involves the 26 mile loop that starts and ends in Helotes.


Flat with some hills on Texas 211.


The Park & Ride lot under the cloverleaf of the I-10 and Loop 1604 interchange.


38.75 miles


There are plenty of places to stop on this ride, although if you are trying to make a go of the race, you will not want to stop on the main loop.

There are stores along the Loop 1604 access road at the Chase Hill Blvd. intersection and at the Babcock intersection.

There is a store on your right on Ranch 471 just before you hit Texas 211.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
Loop 1604 access road Parking lot to Hausman Road 3.8 miles There is a good shoulder along the access road, but keep your eyes open anyway. There are a lot of idiots on the roads. The Hausman Road intersection has a light. Go right at the light. 2 YES Heavy
Hausman Road Loop 1604 access road to Texas 16 2 miles The intersection with Texas 16 is the first light you will run into. Turn right here. 2 YES Moderate
Texas 16 Hausman Road to FM 1560 0.4 miles Be careful getting over to make the left turn onto 1560. 4 divided YES Heavy
FM 1560 Texas 16 to Galm Road 3.6 miles Galm road will intersect on the right. Turn right onto Galm Road. If you are doing the actual Tuesday night ride, turn right up Riggs Road and go to the church, where everyone meats for the ride. The group moves out at 6:00pm. 2 YES Moderate
Galm Road FM 1560 to Ranch 471 3.5 miles Galm road dead-ends into Ranch 471. Go right on Ranch 471. 2 YES Light
Ranch 471 Galm Road to Texas 211 3 miles Texas 211 dead-ends into Ranch 471 on the right. Go right on Texas 211. 2 YES Moderate to heavy
Texas 211 Ranch 471 to Texas 16 7.3 miles Texas 211 dead-ends into Texas 16 at the bottom of the last hill. Turn right onto Texas 16. The main climbing on the route is on Texas 211, although you hit the steep but short Geronimo Hill immediately upon turning onto Texas 16. 2 YES Light
Texas 16 Texas 211 to Old Bandera Rd. 7.1 miles Old Bandera Rd splits right off of Texas 16 at the mexican restaurant on the outskirts of Helotes. Go right here. This is mostly down-hill, but is usually into a headwind in the evening when this ride is typically done. 4 divided YES Heavy
Old Bandera Rd. Texas 16 to Riggs Rd. 0.4 miles Riggs Rd. splits off the right. Go right on Riggs Rd. This is the end of the race route. The usual sprint is for the Helotes city limits sign on Texas 16 just before turning onto this road. 2 YES Light
Riggs Rd. Old Bandera Rd. to FM 1560 0.75 miles Riggs Rd. dead-ends into FM 1560. Go left onto FM 1560. 2 NO Light
FM 1560 Riggs Rd. to Texas 16 0.2 miles FM 1560 merges into Texas 16. Go straight onto Texas 16. After the doing loop on Tuesday evenings, everyone usually meets up at the gas station at the corner of FM 1560 and Texas 16. 2 YES Moderate
Texas 16 FM 1560 to Hausman Rd. 0.4 miles Hausman Rd. is the first light on Texas 16. Turn left onto Hausman Rd. Be careful of traffic when crossing over to turn left at the intersection. 4 divided YES Heavy
Hausman Rd. Texas 16 to Loop 1604 2 miles Hausman Rd. runs into Loop 1604. Go under the overpass and go left onto the access road. 2 YES Moderate
Loop 1604 Hausman Rd. to the parking lot 3.75 miles Your'e done! 2 YES Heavy



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