I-10 & Loop 1604 Park-n-Ride to Boerne Loop



This ride starts at the park-n-ride under the interchange of I-10 and Loop 1604. It goes through Leon Springs to Boerne and returns.




The Park & Ride lot under the cloverleaf of the I-10 and Loop 1604 interchange.


37.5 miles


There are convenience stores at the intersection of Camp Bullis Rd. and I-10.

There are stores at the intersection of Boerne Stage Rd. and I-10.

There are stores in Boerne.

There is a store at the intersection of Scenic Loop and I-10.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
I-10 access road Parking lot to Camp Bullis Rd. 2.5 miles From the parking lot, head along the east I-10 access road towards Boerne. When you reach the stop light at the Camp Bullis Rd. intersection, go left and cross under the freeway, taking an immediate right onto the access road on the other side of I-10. You can also stay on this side of the freeway, but you will encounter traffic from The Dominion and Leon Springs. 2 NO Light to moderate
I-10 access road Camp Bullis Rd. to Boerne Stage Rd. 3.2 miles The access road crosses Boerne Stage Rd. at the 4-way stop sign in Leon Springs. Go left onto Boerne Stage Rd. 2 NO Moderate
Boerne Stage Rd. - Toutant Beauregard Rd. - Upper Balcones Rd. I-10 access road to I-10 access road 12.6 miles This road starts as Boerne Stage Rd., then changes names to Toutant Beauregard when it crosses through the 4-way stop sign at Scenic Loop. It later changes names to Upper Balcones Rd. when it crosses the county line into Kendall county. It is all the same road. When you finally dead-end into the I-10 access road, go left onto the access road. 2 NO Light to Moderate
I-10 access road Upper Balcones Rd. to Texas 46 0.1 miles The access road almost immediately runs into Texas 46. Go right onto Texas 46, crossing the highway overpass. 2 NO Moderate
Texas 46 - Bandera Rd. I-10 access road to Frey Rd. 1.1 miles This road starts as Texas 46, then changes to Bandera Rd. when it crosses the main street in Boerne. It eventually dead-ends into Frey Rd. Go right onto Frey Rd. 4 NO Moderate
Frey Rd. - Old San Antonio Rd. Bandera Rd. to Cascade Caverns Rd. 1.9 miles Frey Rd. merges with Old San Antonio Rd. Stay on Old San Antonio Rd. until it dead-ends into Cascade Caverns Rd. Go left onto Cascade Caverns Rd. 2 NO Light
Cascade Caverns Rd. Old San Antonio Rd. to Scenic Loop 0.1 miles Scenic Loop is your first right after turning onto Cascade Caverns Rd. Go right onto Scenic Loop. 2 NO Light
Scenic Loop Cascade Caverns Rd. to Babcock Rd. 8.5 miles Babcock Rd. dead-ends into Scenic Loop on the left, at the top of a hill. Go left onto Babcock Rd. 2 NO Light
Babcock Rd. Scenic Loop to Chase Hill Blvd. 4.9 miles Chase Hill Blvd. crosses Babcock Rd. at the top of a short climb. Go left onto Chase Hill Blvd. 2 NO Light
Chase Hill Blvd. Babcock to Loop 1604 access road 0.8 miles Chase Hill Blvd. runs into Loop 1604. Go under the Loop 1604 overpass, then turn left onto the access road. 2 NO Light
Loop 1604 access road Chase Hill Blvd. to parking lot 1.6 miles The Loop 1604 access road takes you back to the parking lot. You are done! 2 YES Moderate to heavy



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