Comfort - Sisterdal - Luckenbach - Fredericksburg Loop



This ride starts in Comfort, goes through Sisterdale, Luckenbach and Fredericksburg, then returns to Comfort. Except for US 290 and Texas 16 around Fredericksburg, traffic should be very light on these back roads.




There is a public parking lot at the corner of Texas 27 and Ranch 473. The parking lot is between the grocery store and the car wash.


72 miles


When going from Comfort to Fredericksburg, you can stop for water in Sisterdale or Luckenbach. Both of these are country stores thay may or may not be open, so be prepared to make the journey with the water you start with. There is no place to get water when returning from Fredericksburg to Comfort, so make sure you fill-up in Fredericksburg.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
Ranch 473 Parking lot to River Bend Road 4 miles After you cross under I-10, River Bend Road is the first real road on your right. 2 NO Light
River Bend Road Ranch 473 to N River Bend Road 2 miles You will cross under the old railroad bridge, then go through a low-water crossing for the Guadalupe River. Take a left onto N River Bend Road. If there have been recent rains and the water is too deep to cross, retrace your steps to Ranch 473 and go right. After 1.1 miles, you will come to a T intersection where Ranch 473 turns right. Go right here, following Ranch 473. You will rejoin the route after 0.75 miles. This detour is marked in yellow on the map. 1 NO Light to none
N River Bend Road River Bend Road to Ranch 473 1.6 miles N River Bend Road dead-ends into Ranch 473. 1 NO Light to none
Ranch 473 N River Bend Road to FM 1376 6.4 miles Ranch 473 dead-ends into FM 1376. Go left here. Detour to the right here 0.5 miles into Sisterdale if you need water. This detour is marked in yellow on the map. 2 NO Light
FM 1376 Ranch 473 to Luckenbach-Grapetown Road 16 miles Luckenbach-Grapetown Road turns left shortly after Luckenbach. Make a stop in Luckenbach for some local color and, more important, water. This is your last water stop before Fredericksburg. When doing this route counter-clockwise, there is a big climb on this road, which is a big descent when going the other direction. The Luckenbach detour is marked in yellow on the map. 2 NO Light
Luckenbach-Grapetown Road FM 1376 to Old San Antonio Road 4.7 miles Luckenbach-Grapetown Road dead-ends into Old San Antonio Road. Turn right here. 1 NO Light to none
Old San Antonio Road Luckenbach-Grapetown Road to US 290 6.75 miles Old San Antonio Road dead-ends into US 290. Turn left here. 2 NO Light
US 290 Old San Antonio Road to Texas 16 3 miles This takes you through downtown Fredericksburg. Stay on the shoulder when available or the right of the road when there is no shoulder. There will be heavy traffic on this road, but it slows down by the time the shoulder disappears and you enter town. The turn onto Texas 16 is at the stop light next to the courthouse in downtown Fredericksburg. There is good signage marking this turn. Turn left onto Texas 16. 4 YES Heavy
Texas 16 US 290 to River Road 4.8 miles River Road is on the left of Texas 16 after you get out of town. The sign will say you are going to Center Point. It is the first road to the left after you pass Boos Lane. Turn left onto River Road. 2 YES Heavy
River Road Texas 16 to Center Point Road 1.5 miles Center Point Road T-bone's River Road. Turn left onto Center Point Road. 1 NO Light to none
Center Point Road River Road to Ranch 1341 14.6 miles Center Point Road dead-end's into Ranch 1341. Turn left onto Ranch 1341. When doing this route counter-clockwise, there is a big descent on this road, which is a big climb when going the other direction. 1 NO Light
Ranch 1341 Center Point Road to Texas 27 5.5 miles This road takes you back into Comfort, where it dead-end's into main street (Texas 27). Turn left onto Texas 27. 2 NO Light
Texas 27 Ranch 1341 to the parking lot 0.3 miles You're done! 4 NO Light



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