Bulverde - Kendalia Loop



This ride starts in Bulverde, goes through Kendalia, then returns to Bulverde.




The Bulverde Elementery School (Rahe Elementary) is on the corner of Bulverde Rd. and Ammann Rd. Park in the parking lot.


47.5 miles


The only stop is in Kendalia. The store has been open every time we have ridden by, and there is a hose out front even if it is closed.


Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
Road Description Distance Comments Lanes Shoulder Traffic
Bulverde Rd. Parking lot to Texas 46 2.3 miles Bulverde Rd. dead-ends into Texas 46. Go right. 2 NO Light
Texas 46 Bulverde Rd. to Spring Branch Rd. 0.15 miles This is a brief segment that connects Bulverde Rd. to Spring Branch Rd. Spring Branch Rd. is the first left. Go left. 2 YES Moderate to heavy
Spring Branch Rd. Texas 46 to Rittiman/Sattler Rd. 8 miles Rittiman Rd. dead-ends into Spring Branch Rd. Go left on Rittiman Rd. Rittiman Rd. is a small country road, but it is paved. You cross a cattle guard when turning onto it. 2 NO Light
Rittiman/Sattler Rd. Spring Branch Rd. to Ranch 473 5.3 miles This road starts out as Rittiman Rd., then becomes Sattler Rd. when it crosses the county line. You will not know it has changed, but it does not really matter. Sattler Rd. dead-ends into Ranch 473. Go left on Ranch 473. 1 NO Light to none
Ranch 473 Sattler Rd. to Edge Falls Rd. 5 miles Edge Falls Rd. dead-ends into Ranch 473 on the outskirts of Kendalia. Go left on Edge Falls Rd. If you need water, proceed 0.1 miles into Kendalia and stop at the store. The traffic here can sneak-up on you, so ride single file and stay alert. 2 NO Moderate
Edge Falls Rd. Ranch 473 to FM 3351 8.75 miles Edge Falls Rd. dead-ends into FM 3351. Go left on FM 3351. This is a neat little road with a pretty water fall in the middle, when the water is running. 1 NO Light to none
FM 3351 Edge Falls Rd. to Ammann Rd. 8 miles Ammann Rd. crosses FM 3351. Go left on Ammann Rd. 2 YES, after Texas 46 Moderate to heavy
Ammann Rd. FM 3351 to Blanco Rd. 4.8 miles Ammann Rd. dead-ends into Blanco Rd. Go right on Blanco Rd. 2 NO Light
Blanco Rd. Ammann Rd. to Ammann Rd. 1 mile Ammann Rd. merges with Blanco Rd. for a short hop here. Ammann Rd. will dead-end into Blanco Rd. on your left. Go left on Ammann Rd. 2 NO Light
Ammann Rd. Blanco Rd. to the parking lot 3.5 miles You're done! 2 NO Light



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